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McClellan Park

The neighborhood of McClellan Park has a classical and romantic air to it. It began as a big development project by the McClellan sisters in 1916.  The Orange Avenue entry was distinguished by pergolas. The shell-covered roadways were bordered by concrete sidewalks and huge shade trees and beautiful flora. At the same time, each lot had power, telephone lines, and septic tanks, as well as flowing water from artesian wells. Katherine McClellan was a professional photographer who enjoyed combining creative and utilitarian elements in her work. Native Americans were quite popular in the region throughout the 1920s, therefore some of the names and architecture were inspired by them.  Because the land has an Indian mound, Katherine opted to name the roads after Native American terms, such as Seminole, Mietaw, Illehaw, and Sioux. Some houses were even built on top of historic Indian graveyards. The streets in McClellan Park are regarded to be among the best in town, with broad roadways and trees. The majority of the residences in the neighborhood were built between the years 1920 and 1950, demonstrating the quality and durability of antique dwellings. The interior of this antique mansion has been completely altered to suit modern preferences. Another advantage that draws people to the neighborhood is the beautiful trees that surround it. The region is home to some of the top restaurants, including Roy’s Sarasota and Kazu’s Shushi & Asian Bistro. Sarasota’s “Garden Spot” became known as the park “West of the Trail.” The paved walkways of McClellan Park real estate link to the South Village route, which features stores, restaurants, a gourmet market, cafés, and bars. Because of its closeness to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, this neighborhood is home to many professionals. The old residences have been refurbished yet retain their classic Spanish and Mediterranean architecture craftsmanship. A combination of contemporary luxury bespoke designs ranging up to 9,000 square feet have replaced a handful of these eccentric mansions. Many homes have views of Sarasota Bay. Towering Oaks, swinging Palm trees, ivy-covered retaining walls, and lush tropical flora border this extremely desirable location. Many homes have views of Sarasota Bay, or you may take a stroll down to the water’s edge to watch the sunset. Walking around the pet-friendly hiking park gives neighbors plenty of exercises. You’ll find McClellan Park to be a peaceful and welcoming community. The inflow of families with small children is another trend. They enjoy being able to walk to Southside Elementary School. Brookside Middle and Sarasota High are the other schools in the region. Nearby public, private, and Christian schools are available to students.

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